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Wrong Reel – Suicide Squad


I’m back on the Wrong Reel Podcast once again to discuss Suicide Squad and the tragic, persistent dumpster fire that is the DC Cinematic Universe.

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WRONG REEL – Captain America: Civil War


Back in the saddle at the Wrong Reel podcast to talk about how you do a superhero versus movie the right way with what may be the most brilliant entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date: Captain America: Civil War.

Come listen to us wax poetic about Spider-Man, Black Panther and just how great of a movie this was, especially compared to… that other one.


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Wrong Reel – Batman v. Superman


Hot on the heels of my essay on the Superman Problem, I went back to join the guys at Wrong Reel to discuss the cinematic and storytelling trainwreck that was ‘Batman V. Superman: Dawn of What’s Going On?’ over a few beers.

It turns out that when Batman fights Superman, the only winner is Marvel Studios. And if you’re wondering whether or not you’ll bleed, you will. From the eyes and in the brain after watching this film.

How is it possible to completely botch a film about two of the greatest fictional characters of the 20th century? Listen in.

Also, I noticed that I tend to use the word ‘ire’ a lot. So I have to work on that.

-G.M. Nair

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