Incrediman: Origins

          INT. DR. NEFARIO’S EVIL LAIR                                     
          DR. NEFARIO laughs maniacally. He has reporter LAURA LYNN        
          and intern RICKY and hostages tied to chairs at gunpoint.        
                              DR. NEFARIO                                  
                    Well, Ms. Lynn, I never expected to                    
                    see a reporter like you amongst my                     
                    hostages. This is a good get.                          
                    You’re insane, Dr. Nefario!                            
                    Golly gee, Ms. Lynn. I didn’t know                     
                    an internship at the Gazette would                     
                    be this much trouble.                                  
                    Shut up, Ricky. We only hired you                      
                    to unjam the printers.                                 
                              DR. NEFARIO                                  
                    Yeah, kid. Who interns at a                            
                    newspaper in 2015? Food blogs are                      
                    where it’s at.                                         
                    What do you think you can                              
                    accomplish, Nefario?                                   
          DR. NEFARIO moves to a switch.                                   
                              DR. NEFARIO                                  
                    Once I flip this switch- Ah, ah.                       
                    Nice try. Don’t worry about my                         
                    plan. Just know that the entire                        
                    city is DOOMED!                                        
          All of a sudden, INCREDIMAN breaks through the wall.             
                    Not so fast, Dr. Nefario!                              
                              DR. NEFARIO                                  
                    Goddamnit. Not Incrediman!
                    Gee wilikers, Ms. Lynn! I’ve never                     
                    seen Incrediman in real life                           
                    Listen, kid. The last guy you want                     
                    to see is Incrediman.                                  
                    YES! It is I, Incrediman!                              
          INCREDIMAN moves to center stage.                                
                    Champion of the weak! Defender of                      
                    the innocent! Seeker of truth and                      
                    justice! Sworn to fight ev-                            
                    Hey! Jackass! Shut up for like, two                    
                    seconds! We need help over here!                       
          INCREDIMAN returns to his original position.                     
                    Right. Think fast, Dr. Nefario...if                    
                    you can!                                               
          INCREDIMAN throws a punch, but NEFARIO dodges it.                
                              DR. NEFARIO                                  
                    Nice try, Incredijerk! But you’ll                      
                    never stop me! Even with your                          
          INCREDIMAN moves to center stage. NEFARIO is intrigued.          
                    At a young age, cosmic radiation                       
                    gave me abilities far beyond that                      
                    of mortal men! I can fly, lift                         
                    thousands of pounds and consolidate                    
                    my bills into one easy payme-                          
                    Incrediman! Jesus Christ!                              
                    Sorry! Sorry!                                          
          INCREDIMAN returns to his original position. He grapples         
          with NEFARIO.
                    Jeepers, Ms. Lynn! Why does he                         
                    always talk about himself like                         
                    Because he’s a dick, Ricky. He has                     
                    to be the center of attention.                         
                    Gee whiz, Ms. Lynn. That sucks.                        
                    Yeah. Realistically, we’re probably                    
                    gonna have to save ourselves.                          
          LYNN and RICKY struggle against their bonds.                     
                    Give it up, Nefario!                                   
                              DR. NEFARIO                                  
                    Ha! I won’t be defeated by an alien                    
                    from...hmm, where did you say you                      
                    were from again?                                       
          INCREDIMAN moves to center stage. NEFARIO smiles                 
                    I am the the last son of a dead                        
                    world in a far away galaxy. My                         
                    birth parents, Tia and Tamara,                         
                    saved me by sending me to Earth in                     
                    a rocket.                                              
          DR. NEFARIO starts shooting hostages. INCREDIMAN raises his      
          voice to be heard over the gun shots.                            
                    Passing through gaseous nebulas and                    
                    cosmic radiation I was imbued with                     
                    the powers of the universe! I                          
                    landed on Earth as a child, unaware                    
                    of my gift.                                            
                              DR. NEFARIO                                  
                    Keep going! It’s soooo interesting!                    
          NEFARIO keeps shooting.                                          
                    My adopted human parents taught me                     
                    to be the best that I could be.
                    Later, I moved to the city and took                    
                    a job at the Daily Gazette as                          
                    mild-mannered nerd Brent Bronson-                      
                    Holy shit, Ms. Lynn! It’s Mr.                          
                    God. Seriously?                                        
          INCREDIMAN stops, for a second. He looks like he realized he     
          shouldn’t have said that.                                        
                              DR. NEFARIO                                  
                    No! Don’t stop! Maybe talk about                       
                    your hobbies! We’d all loovvvvve to                    
                    Well...uh...I play the mandolin. I                     
                    knit. Oh, and I fight crime as                         
                    Incrediman! That’s a big one. I                        
                    came up with the name myself.                          
          LYNN and RICKY manage to escape their bonds, but NEFARIO         
          shoots them at the last minute. Then he flips his switch,        
          shrugs and leaves.                                               
                    It’s fun fighting crime, but,                          
                    sometimes when I close my eyes, I                      
                    can still hear my parents’ screams                     
                    as my homeworld imploded. God.                         
                    Maybe that’s why I crave attention!                    
                    Nefario, you’re a doctor. What do                      
                    you th-                                                
          INCREDIMAN turns around to see all the corpses.                  
                    Dr. Nefario has run away! Another                      
                    victory for Incrediman! No need to                     
                    thank me, Ms. Lynn! FOR GLORRRYYY!                     
          INCREDIMAN ’flies’ off stage. RICKY’S dead body falls over       
          as we:                                                           

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