Routine Malfunction

“We’ve got a malfunction on 3.”

“That’s new. What’s the destination?”

“Phnom Penh.”

“Can’t they handle it?”

“The passenger’s exited just fine. He’s already out of there. The problem is on our end.”

“So the passenger’s been written out properly.”

“The read/write worked just fine. That’s not the issue. It’s the delete that failed.”

“You’re kidding me. Does the passenger know?”

“No. He looks confused. He just thinks he hasn’t been transported.”

“Well, that’s good at least. Can’t have him going around telling people. Who’s on clean up?”


“Goddamnit. I hate this part. Is the booth ready?”

“Yep. Shotgun, too.”

“Fantastic. Let Maintenance know about 3. It better be cordoned off by the time I get back.”

“Will do. Have fun!”

“No promises.”

Written in Response To: [WP] Teleportation exists, and commercial teleport stations provide instantaneous travel all over the world. As many times before, you step on the transport pad. The machine activates. To you nothing happens, but another you, identical to you in every way, has materialized at your destination.

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