Artemis by Andy Weir: A Review by G.M. Nair

Check out my guest review of Andy Weir’s Artemis (which I did not care for) on Before We Go!


It is hard to talk about Artemis in a vacuum, and that’s not just because there’s no air to carry sound.



Alright. Tough room. Let’s move on.

As you may know, Artemis is the spiritual follow-up to Andy Weir’s debut science fiction novel The Martian, so it is exceedingly difficult to mention Artemis without also bringing up that book. So I guess that’s what I’ll have to do.

The Martian was a fantastic piece of hard science fiction with an incredibly unique voice and unparalleled scientific detail – for a modern novel, anyway. The character of Mark Watney was a relatable everyman, despite being a freakin’ astronaut, and his humorously humble narration was key to us not only sympathizing with him, but also explaining the problems he encountered and solutions he had to come up with to survive. The book had me at the edge of my…

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