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New Comedy Sketches – “One Last Job” and “Voices”

Just added two new comedy bits I’ve written to the Stories tab.

Check out the intricacies of heist planning in One Last Job and a curious commercial break in Voices!

– G.M. Nair

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Let’s Read Together

There are only two things I love in this world: Star Wars and the sound of my own voice.

And I’m honored that my good buddy Kevin Froleiks gave me the ability to mash these two together on the latest episode of his hilarious podcast Let’s Read Together, where he and I review a book we’ve BOTH TOTALLY READ.


This week? In a topical lead up to The Force Awakens, we’ll be reviewing the original sequel to Star Wars, before The Empire decided to strike back, “Splinter of The Mind’s Eye”.

Be sure to follow Kevin @KevinFroleiks and @LRTPodcast. And visit his website at http://www.kfcomedy.com

So sit back, relax and get ready to laugh? Maybe? Whatever. Just listen to it.

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